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India Famous For Its Nature, Monuments, Industries

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India is chosen by many people in the world for touring. There are many places in India to be visited. Whether it is north or the south India the places will be very interesting. There are forests, snow, desert, lakes, rivers, mountains and much other nature to be enjoyed. The landscape of India is worth seeing. The people who come from other country will be really surprised to see the diversities of India. From state to state and from region to region the customs, traditions and people vary. The people of India are friendly and they will treat the guests in a very good way. The food is also different from place to place. The guests or the tourists will be surprised to taste the different food items in the country.

There are places of monuments like Agra which is famous only because it has TajMahal which is one of the wonders of the world. During February there are many festivals in front of the Taj Mahal and it is really worth watching. The people will give many programs which are watched by the tourists who come from different parts of the world. There are many other places in North India to be watched. The national parks, monuments in different states like Rajasthan. There are mosques, tombs and also forts which were built by the kings of the past. They have their own history and they sing the stories of the past glory.

The country is famous for the handicraft works which can be bought from the markets near the monuments. These markets will have very attractive ornaments which are made up of glass or some cheap material. But the handicraft work is worth its price. The same handi craft works which will be sold in the urban areas will be more costly. There are many attractive monuments which have a lot of architecture. Whether it is north or the south India the kings and the emperors have left their work of architecture to the country and they are very well protected by the country.

The Ajantha and the Ellora caves are very much famous for their art and the paintings.
The paintings are still fresh and they can be seen even today. The people here have different types of eating habits. They have different crops as their staple food. They pray for some gods like Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesha. The guests are treated well here from the people. The country is slowly walking towards developed countries. It is a self sufficient country. The land is full of villages which grow crops.

The industries are growing very much here and the country is recognized all over the world. The country has Bangalore as its silicon valley. The country is also developing in a fast rate. The people are also getting abroad for studies and they come out in flying colors to tell the name of the nation-India. People of India are recognized for their hard work and also for their brains. The industries are the examples for the people who represent India.

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