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Prime Feature of North India Tour

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The most interesting thing about North India is its ability to mesmerize its visitors with its endless contrasts. Everything is appealing about it whether it is history, rich culture or geographical multiplicity. It is an amazing blend of different cultures and traditions. It is a place where many religions have lived and prospered together. It has many things to offers to its visitors. Each year, millions of tourists visit north India. Everyone has their own plans on what to see and where to go. There are several features of north India, which should be kept in mind while customizing North India Tours. Some of them are categorized below.

Ideal Geography of North India- The most distinctive feature of north India is its geography. India is the only country where you get to see two distinct geographical conditions such as the Thar Desert (The Great Indian Desert) and the Himalayan mountain range so close to each other. The Himalayan Range provides many tour options. Hill stations in these mountains are perfect for honeymoons. They also provide options for adventurous sports like trekking, mountain climbing, river rafting, etc. The desert gives the tourist a chance to have a desert safari and to test their endurance.

Culture and Heritage- The Indian civilizations is believed to be one of the oldest civilization in the world. The food, clothing, music, dance, languages of the modern north India are the result of the continuous mixture of different religions. This has also resulted in many great masterpieces like the Taj Mahal which is the combination of Mughal and Indian architectural styles. Many types of Taj Mahal tours are available to the tourists so that they can see this timeless beauty and its surrounding monuments. Many sites and monuments of north India are also marked as the World Heritage Sites.

Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine system also originated in here. Many tourists are interested in exploring the culture and traditions of India. These cultural tours are great for family holidays. Tourists seeking spiritual knowledge will find India as a heaven for spiritual guidance. North India has so many temples that anyone can lose the count.

Wildlife- North India has its share of wildlife in India. It has a huge number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Many bird sanctuaries are also there for the protection of endangered bird species. These parks and sanctuaries serve two purposes. One is they preserve the natural habitat for the animals. The second is they allow tourists to get a closer look into the nature and its work without interfering in it. Jungle and wildlife safaris are great ways to observe those wild creatures roaming in their domain. A wildlife lover cannot ask for more than this. Many types of wild plants are used as herbs in Ayurveda. Many rare species of plants are also found in north India.

A wildlife lover cannot ask for more than this. Many types of wild plants are used as herbs in Ayurveda. Many rare species of plants are also found in North India.


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