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Experience the splendid view of Taj Mahal

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It will be very hard to find a single person who would not like to visit one of the World’s Seven Wonders City of Taj Mahal, Agra. This world famous monument represents the immortal love story of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. In history, nobody has built such an exceptional monument for his wife. With the employment of twenty thousand workers and many famous architects the memorial took more than twenty years to complete. The white marbled domed tomb is the most beautiful part of Taj Mahal which is standing on a square platform. The continuous flow of tranquil water of River Yamuna beside the tombstone always enhances the beauty of Taj Mahal. Its scenic beauty is the great inspiration for the musician, poets, lovers as well as poets. The glance of the water pond in front of the monument will be priceless experience for the tourist.

India Tours is incomplete without visiting the greatest monument of India, the Taj Mahal. In fact most of the tourist gives first preference to Agra before sightseeing of any other places of India. The scenic beauty of the monument cannot be expressed in word until you never visit it once and see with your naked eyes. The holy book of Quran is beautifully inscribed on the walls of the monument with Persian designing. The interior as well as the exterior decoration of the monument is really mind blowing which are worth watching. Visiting Taj Mahal with your friends will be an added benefit for you and will surely make your trip more enjoyable.

Day light view of Taj is wonderful but the visiting the monument in the full moon day by the evening is really breathtaking; no tourist would like to miss such a golden opportunity at any cost. In the dark night the Taj shines with its full glory. Therefore, in which season or time you would like to see the splendid beauty of Taj, it will find some different aspects of Taj. Each time tomb illustrates different accents and tells different story about its beauty. Come with your camera and painting brushes which effortlessly will compel you to capture its beauty in your paper or negative.

The 300 meter large Mughal Garden is surrounding the complex and the centre of the garden is occupied by a raised marble water tank which is placed between the main gateway and the tomb, reflects the image of the tombstone. The architectural view of the tomb is comprises of five major elements which includes the main gateway, Mughal garden, Mausoleum, Mosque and Naqqar Khana (the rest house of Mughals).
There are so many myths that are associated with this monument; one of them is Black Taj Mahal myth. Shah Jahan wanted to build another tombstone exactly opposite to the Yamuna River as like as the original one with black marble and both the tomb will be connected by a fairy tale bridge. But due to the war of succession between Shah Jahan and his son Aurangzeb, his dream could never be happened.

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