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Indian Domestic Tourism Has Taken a Dramatic Double Digit Growth

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Domestic tourisms are the key resources that helps the travel and tourism to fight with the difficult economic condition and that it has already proved in the year 2008-2009. Today, when the economic crisis has touches its peak point, the Ministry of Tourism has seen a new hope in the domestic Tourism Segment.

According to the fresh data compilation report by the Market Research Division of Ministry of Tourism, the figure of domestic tourist move inside the States as well as in UTs during the year 2011 has touched 851 million as compared to the previous yours report 748 million in 2010. It means the domestic tourist visitors have increased 13.8% as compared to the year 2010. The data analysis of top 10 states in India shows that the numbers of domestic tourist visits during the year 2011 were (in millions)

  • Uttar Pradesh – 155.4
  • Andhra Pradesh – 153.1
  • Tamil Nadu – 137.5
  • Karnataka – 84.1
  • Maharashtra – 55.3
  • Madhya Pradesh – 44.1
  • Rajasthan – 27.1
  • Uttarakhand – 25.9
  • West Bengal – 22.3
  • Gujarat – 21.0

Furthermore, the contribution of all these top 10 States was about 85.3% to the total number of domestic tourist visits in 2011.

It has been proved that whenever, Indian economic condition runs by a pathetic condition the domestic visits always play give its best performance to balance the situation.

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