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Must Visit Destinations in Gujarat


The massive mass land of Gujarat is surrounded by the southern state Maharashtra; the central part of India, Madhya Pradesh; Northern India’s richest historical state Rajasthan and the Pakistani province with Arabian Sea. The state is a melting pot of culture and traditions and one can recognize the state by the name ‘Jewel of the West’. Tour destinations of Gujarat are dotted with numerous religious sites, historical architectures, Forts and some spellbinding hill stations. Gujarat tourism is a unique opportunity to watch its modern sites, attractions and the great amalgamation of Hindu, Islamic and European culture at a single glance.

Below are some major tourist destinations in Gujarat:

  • Ahmadabad
Bhadra Fort Ahemdabad Destination

Bhadra Fort, Ahemdabad, Gujarat

If you think that, Ahmadabad tourism is a day tour and can be summarized within certain hours, then you are wonderfully wrong. Ahmadabad is accounted having the best tourist destinations in the state and is remembered for its rich cultural backdrop of art architectures and monuments. When it comes to monuments, Bhadra Fort deserves a special mention. The royal Fort was established by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411 A.D. The unbeatable charm of the Fort is holding by its splendid palaces and lush green gardens, which never allow the Fort to diminish its beauty.

Science City, the center of both, education and entertainment is one another attraction of the city. Visiting the site, tourist can pamper their time sitting inside an IMAX 3D theater, watching several shows throughout the day. Watch its musical fountains; it will surely make the tourist crazy by its enchanting beauty. Ahmadabad tour also includes sightseeing of some other attractions also like Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary for bird watchers; Vastrapur Lake and Kankaria Lake for Natural lovers and temples like Hathisingh Jain Temple, ISKCON Temple for religious people.

  • Bhavnagar
Palitana Jain Temple, Bavnagar, Gujarat

Palitana Jain Temple, Bavnagar, Gujarat

The tourist attractions in Bhavnagar are a few in numbers, but it is impossible to remain untouched by its unique attractions. This cultural city of Gujarat is the home of both modern tourist and pilgrims because of its spiritual importance. During your Bhavnagar tour, tourist can visit the beautiful Jain temple, which is located in the Palitana region. The temple is seated on the top of Shatrunjaya hills, where flock of numerous pilgrims flows towards it to pay their homage. There are also several temples one can find in this region such as Takhteshwar Temple and Aksharwadi temple. If you wish to spend some of your time amidst the wildlife then Velavadar National Park will be the best choice for you.

  • Champaner
Archaeological Park, Champaner, Gujarat

Archaeological Park, Champaner, Gujarat

The old city, Champaner, once was a capital of Gujarat, but for a short period. The entire city is dotted with ruined tombs, pillars, gardens and Fort walls. Pavagadh Fort is the most visiting site of the city, which has a great archaeological, historical, architectural and artistic value. There is one another attraction that tourist can visit during their excursion that is its archaeological park. Few years earlier, the park has been designated UNESCO World Heritage site because of its wonders.

For religious people Jama Masjid, Nagina Masjid, Shehar ki Masjid and Kevda Masjid can bring world peace into their life.

  • Gondal
Naulakha Palace, Gondal, Gujarat

Naulakha Palace, Gondal, Gujarat

Gondal town is a great amalgamation of contemporary buildings and historical monuments which beautifully keeping alive its valuable culture. Naulakha Palace, Riverside Palace and Orchard Palace are some of Gondals majestic heritage sites, now have been converted into heritage hotels. Gondal’s palaces are not the only attractions of the city; vintage cars will boost up your excitement during Gondal tour. Akshardham Mandir in Gondal is a famous shrine of the city, which has been dedicated to Swami Gunatitanand who is called the first successor of Bhagwan Swaminarayan.

  • Jamnagar
Small Green Bee-Eater, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, Jamnagar

Small Green Bee-Eater, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, Jamnagar

The historical city Jamnagar is an important city of Gujarat and is the most popular tourist destinations of the state. The city has a great historical importance and has a varied tourist sighting places. All parts of the city are dotted with majestic temples, monuments, museums, and beaches. The prime pilgrimage sites of the city are Bala Hanuman Temple, Bhidbhanjan Temple and Parsi Agyari and Ratanbai Masjid. Don’t miss to visit the majestic historical Forts of the city namely Bhujiyo Kotho, Darbargadh Palace and Manekbai Muktidham which are mostly visited. Apart from that Bird watcher can find some new species of birds in Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary and in Marine National Park and it could be a great photographic option for wildlife photographers.

  • Junagadh
Male Asian Lion, Gir National Park, Junagadh

Male Asian Lion, Gir National Park, Junagadh

Junagadh is situated on the foothills of Girnar hills. The city was ruled by several dynasties of past and their glorious histories are still memorized by visiting its majestic Forts. Tour to Junagarh gives the opportunity to explore some of its magnificent sites, which can never be missed out during Gujarat Tour. The most famous attraction of the city is Gir National Park, specially known for Asiatic Lions. Mount Girnar is the most famous hill destination of the Junagadh. The top hill of Mount Girnar is dotted with some beautiful Jain temples and Hindu temples where a continuous flow of devotees can be spotted. Tour package from India’s best travel agent also take you to some of your unseen tour destinations of Junagadh such as Somnath Mahadev Temple, Somnath beach, Jama Masjid, Junagadh Caves and many more, which will surely make your tour worth memorable.

  • Vadodara
Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara, Gujarat

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara, Gujarat

Vadodara one of the most popular cities in Gujarat is situated on the banks of Vishwamitri River. There are plenty of tourist attractions in the city and tourists come in a mass to watch the city’s treasure trove. Vadodara always offers something for everyone. Travel to Vadodara, to watch beautifully constructed geodesic style temple, Dakshinamurthy Temple. The temple is the most famous holy shrines of the state. Visit Kirti Mandir, to see its exquisite architecture, which once was the rest house of royal families. To explore more attractions of the city you must have to stay for a few days in this city where you can see the magnificent building, Laxmi Vilas Palace; Vadodara museum famous for picture galleries; seven rock-cut caves, Kadia Dungar Caves; EME temple and many more.

  • Rajkot
Khambhalida Caves, Rajkot

Khambhalida Caves, Rajkot

Rajkot, the historical town of Gujarat, It is the attractions of Rajkot that draws the tourist from abroad towards its doorstep. If you want to make your Rajkot holiday truly worth memorable, then drive to Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is popularly known for mammoth antelopes which has gained the status of ‘Reserve Forest’. How can you forget to enjoy Dandiya dance and Garba songs of Rajkot when you are in this city? These are the main traditional dances of the city? Watson Museum, Wankaner, Morbi, Khambhalida caves, Bangdi Bazar, etc. are some of the famous tourist attractions of Rajkot that entices thousands of tourists every year.

  • Surat
Swaminarayan Mandir, Surat

Swaminarayan Mandir, Surat

Surat, the most important commercial hub of the state, is situated on the bank of Tapti River. The city is best known for the most precious gem industry, where 90% of world’s diamonds cut. How much the city is precious for its gems so as its attractions as well. During Gujarat trip, Surat attractions should never be missed out. Chintamani Jain Temple, one of the famous holy shrines of the site, shows a spectacular view of wooden craftsmanship. Tourist can also see the most popular Surat Castle, which was built by Muhammad Tughlaq, on the shores of Tapti River; so as to provide extra protection against Portuguese raids.

Tour operators in India has designed Gujarat tourism in such a way that tourist can touch all the major attractions of its beautiful cities within their tour duration; so don’t miss the opportunity.

  • Kutch
Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Not utmost, but not less visited tourist destination of Gujarat or one can say naturalist’s paradise. Kutch is visited because of its great crafts and embroidery works. Situated on the bay of Kutch, leading to the Arabian Sea; known as the Rann of Kutch. Kutch offers a range of sightseeing options; some of them are Kutch Museum, known for massive collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions; Aina Mahal, Mahal of mirrors; Swaminarayan Temple, dedicated temple of Lord Krishna and Radha; and Khengar Park & Hamirsar Lake which along with holding the charm of the Kutch.

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