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Rann of Kutch Gujarat

Gujarat Tourism: Find the Most Alluring Magnet


Probably, you have already gifted a range of designing jewellery to your wife or girlfriend, but did you ever gift the most precious gem, “Jewel in the West”. Hold on a camera and get ready to take a great snap of a big smile on your beloved one’s face, just after bringing her down in front of it. Would you like to miss such an excitement filled moment from your life?

If not, then come to the most colorful state, Gujarat and wish to spend a few days in this lovely terrain whenever time allows. Though, the flow of most of the tourist is observed in northern and southern states, but people really miss to visit the unique attractions of Gujarat during India visit. With the longest coastline in the country, Gujarat also boast its attractions by its fabulous beaches, historical charms, wildlife sanctuaries and fascinating religious sites which always try to catch tourist’s attention.

The state offers multiple numbers of tourist places in Gujarat which give better explanation of the state:

Exotic Beaches

Gujarat Beaches

Daman Diu region is considered the best beach destination in the state. Though, Goa beaches are more popular among the tourist, but some credits also go to Gujarat’s most popular beaches namely Nagoa, Devka and Jampore. Spend some quality of time with your partner and wish to soak up the sun and simply laze around the beach. Swim like a fish in its crystal clear water and bring some memorable moments with you.

Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch Gujarat

The Kutch district is known for some of its amazing attractions; one of them is Rann of Kutch. By arriving here, you can discover a vast salt desert positioning near the Arabian Sea, from where salt is supplied to the entire country. Tribal communities of people always engaged in producing edible salts over here. Apart from that craft and textile making are their core occupation; by visiting their local markets you can buy some wonderful embroidery clothing, handicraft items and tie-dye.


Explore Gujarat Wildlife Sanctuary

Kutch is the only region in India which offers a secure habitation of the most incredible creature, Ass. Indian wild ass, you can watch at its most famous Wild Ass Sanctuary by arranging a wildlife safari from the Zainabad town. One another rarest species that is not found anywhere in India is Asiatic Lion which you can expect to watch in Sasan Gir National Park. Many other forms of wildlife can also be seen in this park.

Religious Sites

Somnath Temple Gujarat

Visiting religious place is the part and parcel of Gujarat tourism; it draws numbers of devotees year-round. One of the twelve-jyotirlinga sites, Somnath temple is also positioning here that have a great religious importance. Wish to see the majestic appealing Jain temples of Palitana where existence of 836 temples boosts up the holiness of the region. Dwarka, Junagarh and Champaner also draw a variety of religious pilgrims by its religious heritage sites.

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  2. Each city presents a different look and serve a different purpose, nevertheless, each reflect the true glory of Gujarat Tourism Packages . Marvel in awe at the beauty of the place while on Gujarat holidays.

  3. Thanks for the useful information on top honeymoon destination #Gujarat. We all are aware of our Prime Minister #NarenderModi who have already made Gujarat a wonderful place. This India State is also a wonderful place for #Travel purpose. Click to know about Gujarat tourism.

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