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Khajuraho Temples


A Journey to the Artistic Scene of Khajuraho…

Let me introduce to the 2nd most anomalous tourist’s inducement of India after Taj Mahal, Khajuraho temples. Hardly one year back, I heard this word ‘Khajuraho’ from one of my colleagues, Eric. As he is a big travel friend and whenever he takes a break, he usually goes for a trip to an unforeseen travel destination to collect some great memories. One day, Eric, suddenly offered me a proposal to go for India trip with him. It was quite uneasy for me after listening his words, as I had never been in India before or in any other country as well because traveling is not one of my favorite hobbies. As it was the first time for me, while Eric needed my accompany and in that tour itinerary in found the name, Khajuraho, so I could not ignore his proposal. I packed my luggage and taken off to the capital of India, Delhi with Eric.

Khajuraho Temples Picture

Agra was our first stoppage. After, watching its attractions we were eagerly waiting for the train named by “U P Sampak Kranti Express” to leave for Khajuraho, which was coming from Delhi. Within seven hours of night journey we reached our destination. As Eric, earlier has already visited this site so he had some superior ideas than me about staying and eating out options. If I never show my interest to spend the night at hotel, Eric would probably prefer to stay at a religious Ashram. As it is a temple city, so one can easily avail budget rooms in such Ashrams which are spreading across the town. In search of a premium facility of hotel we drove to the heart of the town where we found a good numbers of hotels and with the help of a hotel representative we become able to find out a comfortable room in the dark night.

Khajuraho Temples Art and Craft

The main attractions of Madhya Pradesh tourism are Khajuraho temples which pull greater numbers of tourist in every year. Next day morning, according to the Khajuraho travel guide, both of us approached to the most enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho group of temples. As we reached the temple area, I was very amazed after watching such a great numbers of holy shrines at a time. These captivating temples characterizes the perfect mingle of architectural and sculptural sheerness of medieval heritage. The temples exhibit sensual and aesthetic sculptures on its periphery which represents the creative and imaginative artistic sense. As it was one day excursion so we did not get so much time to move around each and every temple, but we never missed to pay our respect to some of its impressive temples like Vishwanath temple, Kandariya Mahadeo temple, Brahma temple, Chaturbhuj temple, etc.

We might have spent some more days at Khajuraho, but the very next day train was waiting for us to take us to Varanasi. Though it was my first trip in India, but if one asks me about my first experience, then I would simply like to say can I get another travel package to Khajuraho?