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The Golden Chariot- Travel Luxuriously and joyously through Southern States


Let it be Jammu & Kashmir – the head, crown of India or be it the ending land of India- Tamil Nadu. India is not only full of beautiful land but is also rich in the traveling memories of the routes, the ways you travel by. Indian Beauty could be explored in many ways; you can choose to travel the destinations by any mean you think to be convenient.

Though every destination does have a special travel surprise for you still your guides would surely ask you to roam around to explore more. We have treasured for you the beautiful houses to travel and live in, on the tours. Just like the Houseboats of Kashmir and Kerala are famous for traveling between the beautiful lakes and beaches, house Trains are famed in south India for the pretty journey between the Southern states.There are many royal and luxuries trains of  India which can make your trip royal and unforgettable.


Welcoming Staff of The Golden Chariot

People call it to be Palace on the wheels. The Luxurious Trains of South India has been awarded as the Asia’s leading luxury Train by the World Travel Awards in 2013. Train, famously known as Golden Chariot, named after the world-famous stone chariot of the temple Vittala. The train is generally colored with purple and gold giving it a separate identity and a royal appeal.

The Golden Chariot is said to be the Pride and splendor of the south. This moving palace connects some beautiful spots of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Pondicherry. Beautifully colored train has a logo of a mythological animal sported on it. This train is specially designed with accommodation, spa and gym, dining and conference area, giving a rich and royal feel of 21st century while romancing on the tracks of these states.

The chariot is generally operated between the months of October – March by the combine efforts of the Indian Railways and Karnataka state Tourism Development Authority. Every trip of Golden Chariot is of 7-8 days, covering all the tourist destinations of the states. This Adventurous trip of 21st century wraps your memory with the beauty of historical sites, wildlife parks, stunning beaches and some abiding palaces.


High Tech Gym Of The Golden Chariot


Modern Spa with Traditional Treatment Inside The Golden Chariot


Twin Bedroom In The Golden Chariot

Before taking a look at the facilities and the itinerary of the tour, one simply gets impressed with the royally crafted masterpiece. The architecture of the train strikingly represents the arts connotation of the Karnataka. From designs to the construction, everything is stirred by the metropolis and Hoysala architecture. This beauty is accommodated with 44 cabins in 11 coaches, two restaurant, a lounge bar and conference, gym and spa facilities. Every coach is named after the dynasties that ruled the region – Kadamba, Hoysala, Rashtrakuta, Ganga, Chalukya, Bahamani, Adil Shahi, Sangama, Satavahana, Yadukula and Vijayanagar.


Luxuries Dining Of The Royal Train-The Golden Chariot

On board, services are offered by Mapple group of Hotels, a well-known group which is one among the foremost Hotels chains of India. Apart from the overwhelming services of the Mapple group, the train offers you the Wi-Fi connectivity; Air conditioned rooms, LCDs and satellite antennae in every cabin. Wardrobe, private bathrooms and writing desks are all fitted to enhance your facilities.

Lounge Of The Golden Chariot

Lounge Of The Golden Chariot


Madira Bar Area

Nala and Ruchi are two restaurants offering all the varieties of veg and non-veg food. Madira – the bar area is designed with the classy and the comfortable area to enjoy the divine nectar. One would surely feel the king size in the journey of South India with the Golden Chariot.

For more details of the tour plan of The Golden Chariot visit here:

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  2. Wow – talk about travelling in style!

  3. Looks like a luxurious way to travel.

  4. Oh, my goodness! I’m moving in!

  5. What a way to travel!! This train looks absolutely gorgeous. I would definitely feel like a king traveling on this.

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  7. this is a one of the luxurious way to travel in India. anyone can have royal treatment in this train.

  8. thanks for share these luxurious travel information.

  9. Isn’t this great that Asia’s leading train (Golden Chariot) as well as world’s leading luxury train for 2013 (Maharajas’ Express) both belong to India!!? Feeling so proud…

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