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Striking Splendour in Kerala- Thekkady


Thekkady, located in God’s Own Country, Kerala in India is famous for its dense and diverse flora and fauna. It is a small village situated in Idukki. The main centre of attraction for the place is Periyar Wildlife Reserve, which is one of the 27 Tiger Reserves in India. Just because of its size, the reserve attracts thousands of tourists every year. Thekkady is the perfect example of nature’s gift with enthralling picturesque magic, wealthy bio assortment having intense jungle and prosperous plantation. Thekkady is spread over an area of 777 sq km. Amusing ecstasy Thekkady is truly a paradise for nature lovers.

Tigress and Cubs In Rest

Tigress and Cubs In Rest

Cormorants In Periyar Image By Flickr

Cormorants In Periyar Image By Flickr


Spotted Dear In Periyar Image By Flickr

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located around an artificial Lake Periyar which is about 24 sq km in area. Tourists love to do boating over this lake, and it is a prominent feature of attraction. Apart from the boating other attracting points are trekking, elephant ride and great sightseeing. The main animals which can be spotted here are tiger, elephant, sambar, jungle cat, gaur, wild boar and sloth bear.


Tourist Enjoying Traditional Bamboo Boat Ride In Periyar Lake



Restaurant In Periyar Tiger Reserve Image By Flickr

You can see them from the boat ride. Avifauna of the place is also versatile. You can locate about 265 species of birds here. This sightseeing of animals and birds during your boat ride makes it really beguiling and pleasing. You will find different treats as you will go ahead in the dense forest of  Periyar.


Ruined Of Mangala Devi Temple

There is a ruined temple, known as Mangla Devi Temple, which can be visited. The architecture of the temple is must experience. The plantation of the place is another great example of nature’s bounty. This little trip is normally arranged by the District Tourism Information Office at Thekkady. You can experience the coffee, tea, pepper, clove and cardamom plantations, which are surrounded by the hills, and it is really an eye soothing view. Vanilla budding areas also convert Thekkady into a colourful place, and its fragrance makes the place a real heaven. Velvety lush green plantations, undulating hills, distinctive flora and fauna and the shrine of Lord Ayyapa are the key attraction.


Panoramic Reflection In Periyar Lake Image By Flickr

Thekkady truly is the essence of south Indian holiday destinations. It is a very famous place among honeymooners. The panoramic view through the high hills makes it an ultimate destination for romantic beginning of your life.

Tribal Dance Of Thekkady  Image By Flickr

Tribal Dance Of Thekkady Image By Flickr

There is a Tribal Heritage Museum which is situated inside the Mannan settlement which describes all the techniques of ancient agricultural practices, dress code, rituals, marriage and death ceremonies, different procedures like fishing, cooking, medicinal herbs, bamboo furniture, hunting and vessels etc. Due to the boosted tourism, because of plantations and wildlife, tourism of Thekkady has improved a lot.


South Indian Cuisines in Thekkady

Hotels offer all kinds of modern amenities and facilities according to the taste of tourists. These hotels are well equipped to serve the types of rooms and suites, like from normal room to presidential suite. You can book any room according to your budget and requirement. All the information you need to book the hotel is clearly available on the hotel’s website. If you are travelling for some business purposes, then also the hotels, here are apt for you as they have the facilities like business centre, conference hall, etc. The local food of Thekkady is mind blowing and matches perfectly with south Indian cuisines. Thekkady is the wonderful and one of the must visited places of  Kerala.So, you need not to worry at all if you are planning a tour to Thekkady. You will find everything in this tour of yours.

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Author: Ajay Kumar

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17 thoughts on “Striking Splendour in Kerala- Thekkady

  1. These are very KOOL, and diverse, photos!

  2. Beautiful pics! I so wish to visit Kerala again!

  3. Thanks Nabanita and Most welcome in Kerala.

  4. I would love to visit there one day. Your photos are beautiful. The spots on the little deer are amazing as is the plate of food!

  5. Ajay !!! – such a GORGEOUS site ! My compliments to whomever created it.
    But … I am old, I am retired, I have no money. I live on the age pension. Whilst few things in this world would give me more pleasure than to take some of those wonderful journeys your business recommends, I never shall. I am completely useless to you as a client.
    That being said, I shall still follow the site simply for its beauty, and for the longing it creates …

    • Dear M-R,thanks for liking my site,Its not all about my business,I like to share information about India’s beautiful places.You appreciate my post it is the best thing and you are not useless for me,your appreciation and views about my post is precious for me.Thank for your stay!!!

  6. Amazing photos with great colors:-) Wonderful!

  7. Awesome serie!
    Well done!

  8. Truly awesome! Wonder which is a good time to spend time in Thekkady!
    Thanks and cheers 🙂

  9. Such a beautiful world you inhabit! 🙂

  10. Ajay it’s a beautiful place.

  11. You have shared some truly amazing pictures of the wildlife of Thekkady. I would have loved to see the animals with my eyes but when we visited the place, we just got to see a few otters and water birds. You seem to have been lucky.

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