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SOMNATH-Sun Temple: The Legendary Indian Shrine



Somnath-Sun Temple

The Somnath Temple is positioned in the Saurashtra region, the western coast of Gujarat.It is among the twelve Jyotirlings of the god Shiva. It has presently become a tourist terminus for travelers. Various mythologies are connected to it, which makes the temple Legend. Somnath literally means “The Shrine Eternal”, since having been devastated many times by Islamic Royals and rajas it is still interminable. In recent times, it was remodeled in November 1947 by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.


Entrance Of The Temple

The existent temple is fabricated in the Chalukya  style of temple and replicates the skill of the Sompra Salat, one of Gujarat’s leading masons. The temple’s main pinnacle is 15 metres in height, and it has an 8.2-metre tall flag pole at the top. The temple is positioned at such a habitation that there is no land in straight- line between Somnath seashore untill Antarctica, such an engraving in Sanskrit is found on the Arrow-Pillar called Baan-Stambh raised on the sea-protection wall at the Somnath Temple.


Carvings On Wall

With the help of inhabitants, anybody can be pleasantly surprised to find this mesmerizing and enthralling Sun temple built in the 14th century. Situated adjacent in the direction of the Sitala Mata Temple, it has a magnificent arrival porch, and statues of the Sun God and his two associates.State provides transport buses and private luxury coaches which connect Somnath from various destinations in Gujarat.It is located 6 km from the adjoining railway station at Veraval. Due to fast connectivity of transport and amazing beauty of this temple makes it an alluring tourist place for travelers in Gujarat.


A Wonderful Sculpture

On the eastern end of Somnath is Triveni, which is the coming together of three rivers .On the banks of the river Triveni, Hiranya is the spot where Lord Krishna’s procession rites were performed, a hunter mistook him for a deer and killed him. A large showering harbour is built here, which is called Dehotsarg. A huge commemorative and a Geeta Mandir standing on a number of pillars are also erected here.


Amazing Carvings On The Pilers

Surya Mandir or the Sun Temple dates back to time of the original Temple of Somnath and gives an idea of what the primary temple resembled. A museum is positioned in the Somnath Temple zone and another in a thoroughfare nearby, that contains remnants of the old Somnath Shrines. Somnath Temple has folklore behind its formation. It is believed that Lord Chandra (Moon God) was very proud of his beauty because of which he was cursed by his father-in-law Daksha, to get less significant. In order to get liberated of this curse, Moon God prayed to Lord Shiva, and Lord Shiva became pleased with the reparation of the Moon and reduced the curse to some degree. This illustration led to the intermittent diminishing of the moon.


Stepped Fond In Sun Temple

Sun Temple is an eternal Indian shrine that illustrates the power of formation is always greater than the power of devastation. The religious prominence of Sun temple fascinates travelers as well as sightseers from India and abroad and as a result it has turned out to be one of the prominent tourist spots of  Gujarat .Visiting Sun Temple during your Gujrat  tour would not only give you a good architectural view but will also provide you mental and spiritual peace.


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