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An Unforgettable Trip to God’s Own Country – Kerala Tour

The surreal beauty of Kerala’s backwaters, beaches dotted with coconut trees and a charming landscape which is replete with natural abundance are reasons enough to attract travelers from all corners of the world for an outstanding vacation in God’s own Country. The culture of Kerala is a true depiction of the diversity of religions populating this state which includes Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Jains.

Trekking in Wayanad - Kerala Tour Package

This place has numerous ancient temples, churches and mosques which attract a number of devotees from all over India to seek the blessings of their respective gods. It is for this reason that this place got the slogan God’s own country which gives it the honor of being one of the best pilgrimage sites in India.

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South India

The churches of Kerala are another attractive feature of Kerala Tours. Built in pre-European style architecture, these churches reveal the history of Christianity in India. St. Alphonsa’s Church, Mayalattoor Church, St. Francis Church and Santa Cruz basilica have great historical relevance in Indian Christianity and are worth visiting for a culturally rewarding experience in this South Indian state.

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beauty of kerala

Kerala’s cuisine is another highlight of your South Indian tour package which speaks of the carefully preserved traditions of this state. Yet, the dishes of Kerala are a distinct mix of flavors owing to various cultural influences on this state as this state used to be the hub of spice and wood trade which attracted people from all corners of the world. Spice and coffee plantations are another attractive element of Kerala tours. Tours are organized to the spice estates to give the tourists a chance to see the spice and coffee plantations.

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Backwater of Kerala

Cruising along the enchanting backwaters of Kerala especially from Kollam to Alappuzha is an unmissable activity for nature lovers. This part of Kerala offers the most beautiful views of its backwaters in eight hour long rides in house boats. Canoeing is another option if you want to get a real view of the backwaters.

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Backwater of alleppey

Though not as enticing as the charming backwaters, the beaches of Kerala are a gem in their own sense and hence are a must visit for the tourists. Fort Kochi, Kovalam, Cherai and Warkala are some famous beaches in Kerala that offer endless options for the adventure living souls with the amazing variety of water sports which includes canoeing, kayaking, parasailing and rafting.

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Ooty - South India Travel Package

If you think beaches and backwaters are the only choices for tourists, you are so wrong as Kerala is home to some really beautiful hillsides which are mostly covered with mist and clouds to offer captivating sights of mountains, waterfalls, rivers and meadows. For those who wish to spend some quiet moments in the lap of nature, a visit to the hills of Kerala is highly recommended.

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Emerge yourself in the beauty of sun kissed yelagiri hills

Get away from the chaos of city life, and emerge yourself in the beauty of sun kissed yelagiri hills, also enjoy lush valleys, Crisp mountain air, pockets of mist lazily clouding the valley and a tranquil emerald lake nestled in the midst of the hills.

Yelagiri is nestled in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. It is such a group of hamlets situated between four mountains and the scenic beauty of the village is worth watching. This easygoing hill stationoffers many possibilities for tourists, be it sightseeing, adventure sports or even just simply relaxation. Except the nature’s beauty, tribals, who are the main inhabitants of the place, also attract many tourists with their customs, persuasion and unique architecture of their houses.

Let’s unravel the riddles of this place and enjoy plenty of activities:

Boating at Punganoor Lake

boating-punganur-lake-yelagiriBoating punganur lake, yelagiri

Punganoor Lake is a small and artificial Lake along with a beautiful park nearby and also a fountain in the middle. Here Tourist can enjoy boating or just sit on the banks to see the calm and serene water of the lake also relax and enjoy the natural beauty. The nearby park is spread over an area of 6 acre, which is the perfect destinations for kids, where they can enjoy a lot.

Experience Trekking, Camping and mountain biking


Trekking Sawaimalai hills, Yelagiri

For the adventurous minded, it is a good place to go for long treks.The hills of SawaiMalai are in the shape of cake, having a strong base. Also the place enhances an ideal location for trekking, Camping and mountain biking. Other options of trekking are smaller peaks like Javadi Hills and Palamathi Hills. Mountain bikers will also enjoy biking around the hills.


Enjoy nature at Jalagamparal Waterfalls

jalagamparai-waterfalls- yelagiri

Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Yelagiri

Jalagamparaicascade is created by the River Attaaruand the milky white gargling water of this waterfall running through the high hills of the valley. The romantic surroundings of the waterfall attract many beautiful birds and nature loving tourists.

Enthrall yourself by Para-gliding


Paragliding, Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a Para-gliding hotspot of India.While doing paragliding, one can experience ethereal serenity while sailing in air and above the ground. One can enjoy the beautiful view of the beautiful hills of Yelagiri from height. This experience of paragliding gives the glider an exhilarating feeling. The hills of Yelagiri are perfect for this sport.

Nature Park


Nature Park, Yelagiri

If you want to spend some time in a relax and stunning atmosphere, then Yelagiri Nature Park is the best place. This place is situated near to the Punganoor Lake and awesome place for all ages of people. This park is spread over an area of 12 acres, having musical fountain, children’s park, artificial cascade or the waterfall, great number of numbers of flora and a lot more entreating things.
VainuBappu Solar Observatory or Kavalur Observatory

VainuBappu Solar Observatory is one of the largest solar observatories near Yelagiri, located in Kavalar. The observatory covers 100 acre forest land and houses a number of optical telescopes. One has to take permission to get an access to the observatory.

Cuisine of Yelagiri
Do not forget to taste the local cuisine of Yelagiri hills. There are a number of hotels unfurlallover the hill station that serve scrumptious local cuisines along with other international cuisines to suit every taste bud.

Summer festival of yelagiri

The annual summer festival would be held in Yelagiri Hills on May. The festival attracts tourists from all parts of the globe. In the event, one can enjoy the pleasure of dance show, multi-departmental exhibition, flower show, dog show, food festival, boat race, forest walk, cycle race, cultural competitions etc.

Shopping in Yelagiri
Shopping in Yelagiri is acompleteentertainment. Explore the shops and the local markets and shop for the handmade items. Do not forget to purchase the natural fresh honey prepared by wild bees and jackfruit.

This is right time, just pack your bags and visit the hill station of south.

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Top most attractive beaches of South India

India is the well known tourist destination as tourist finds a lot of options in India but some enchanting state of South India are most popular for their mesmerizing beaches. Beaches are among the most famous tourist attractions of this region.

South India attracts tourist from all over the world as it has exciting journey & sports, open valleys, high peaks of mountains , amazing historical monuments of old era, beautiful buildings of present time, some interesting wildlife sanctuaries having a number of dangerous animals , magnificent forts & palaces of kings, eternal rivers, lovely hill stations, and warm & friendly hospitality of Indians.
Amongst the mentioned attractions of south region of India, stunning beaches have their own unique significance.

The Beaches in south India are the natural wonders having waves crashing, silvery sand, azure sea, palm fringes bays, cool breezes passing by you and a lot more.

Here tourists can enjoy a variety of adventurous activities, ayurvedic massages which makes your body refreshing and rejuvenation. Tourists can also sit under the palm trees, in front of water and enjoy sipping coconut water.

The green lush vegetations around the beaches make the places paradise for beach lovers. Apart from scenic beauty, these beaches are famous for water splashing games. Some of the famous activities that are worth enjoying at the beaches are sea swimming, scootering, foot balling, paragliding, parasailing, sun bathing, sun sleeping, etc.

There is so much to enjoy and explore at the beaches. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry are the perfect destinations for beach holidays.

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Juhu Beach is one of the best entertaining spot of Mumbai. It is popular for its reclining waves, quite amazing golden sand and calm bordering. Tourists can enjoy beach volleyball, the great views of sunrise and sunset. Food lovers can also enjoy appreciating food snacks plentifully available in best Mumbai style which involve crumbly bhelpuri, panipuri and appreciating pavbhaji stalls to absolutely satisfy your hunger.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach is marvelous place of Kerala. This eye-catchy and breathtaking Varkala beach is the astonishingly photographic beach of never ending Arabian Sea. Tourists can enjoy the wonderful view of sun melted in the seashore, charming coconut palms, shoping from the traditional shops lined up along the region of footpath.

The magical charm of this beach is 800 years old Janardhan Temple which is dedicated to Hanuman and Ayyappan.

Anjuna Beach, Goa

Anjuna Beach, Goa

Anjuna Beach, Goa

This amazing beach of Goa is famous for its night parties. This beach is well known as best entertainment place, tourists from across the world visit here to have fun and take pleasure the happening life of Goa. When there is a moonlit evening, tourists can get the chance to possess the amazing trance parties. The presence of several small informal restaurant, handicrafts shops and flea market place will tends to make it glamorous and one of many ideal beaches in the world.

Baga Beach, Goa

Baga Beach, Goa

Baga Beach, Goa

Baga Beach is one of the most famous beach of Goa. Most sticking feature of this beach is the majestic combination of the sun, sea and sand which provides a great relief from the hectic schedule of the daily life of visitors. The coconut palm trees, fresh air and refreshing environment make this beach an important destination to visit.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach Kerala is also one of the most famous beaches of India. It is the perfect location for swimming. It also provides various other water sports activities. The beach is well known worldwide for sub bath, herbal massage which attracts a number of visitors.

Marari Beach, Kerala

Marari Beach, Kerala

Marari Beach, Kerala

The Marari beach is located in the fisherman’s village Marari in Kerala. Marari Beach is a quiet and peaceful beach where you can experience the backwaters of Kerala and this beach is near to Alleppey which is the famous tourist destination of Kerala well known for the backwaters.

Cherai Beach, Kochi


Cherai Beach, Kochi

Cherai beach is one of the beautiful beaches of India, located at a distance of 25 km from Kochi. It is a shallow clean beach and a beautiful spot for the purpose of bathing as well as sunbath. There is a lagoon separated from ocean.

Gokarna beach, Karnataka

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Gokarna beach is a marvelous beach and reflects the ancient days of Goa. It is located in the small town of north Karnataka. Visitors celebrate their holidays with a greater religious zeal at this beach.

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu

Located in Tamil Nadu Mahabalipuram is one of the most popular beaches of India. The amazing adorableness of this beach charms tourists who truly wish to take pleasure with nature. It is famous for its cool surroundings and you will feel as if the nature is embracing eternity.

There are also many other spectacular beaches in south India, such as; Palolem Beach in Goa, Kanyakumari Beach, Alappuzha Beach in Kerala, Malpe Beach etc.

The beaches of South India are relatively calm seashore than of other famous beaches of the world. Visitors can enjoy the peaceful, neat and clean beaches with coconut trees and red cocks alongside the seashore. Surely it will be a lifetime experience.

So you can visit theses along with family and friends and spend some few nice days. Enjoy the taste of volleyball and sunbath on beach. Also enjoy Lip smacking South Indian food.

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Rath Yatra 2014 In Puri-A zealous and Religious Journey with Lord Jagannath

The Three Sacred Chariots

The Three Sacred Chariots

The most awaited car festival or Rath Yatra 2014 will held on the 29th June 2014 in Puri.It is also known as the Chariot festival .It is the most important yearly festival of Hindus. It is a colorful festival of Puri in which millions of devotees from the various region of India and also from aboard take place. It is the beliefs of Hindus the participation of this festival brings them to heaven.

Painted Elephants Ready To Welcome Of Chariots

Painted Elephants Ready To Welcome Of Chariots

Three Lords In Chariot

Three Lords In Chariot

A Devotee On Chariot

A Devotee On Chariot

The three Rath or chariots are the main highlights of the Rath Yatra.These three chariot pulled by the strings. One of the chariot dedicated to Lord Jagannath, another one devoted to Balabhadra’s and the third one dedicated to Subhadra.Lord Jagannath ‘s chariot is 45.6 feet high and moved on the 18 wheels,this chariot called Nandighosa. The chariot of Balbhadra’s is made 45 feet high and it has 16 wheels.Balabhadra’s chariot referred as Taladhvaja. Devadalana is the name of the Subhadra’s chariot. The height of the chariot is 44.6 feet and it has 14 wheels. All chariots made of wood and decorated with various colors and designs.

Decoration of Deities

Decoration of Deities

‘Snana Pumima’marks the starting of this festival.On this auspicious day the three deities-Lord Jagannath(Lord Krishna),Lord Balabhadra(Elder Brother of Lord Krishna) and Devi Subhadra(Sister of Lord Krishna) take a divine prolonged bath on a sacred platform known as ‘Snana Bedi”.After this holy bath of all three deities ,they put in an isolation place for 15 days. This 15 days time period is know as ‘Anabasara’.During this 15 days period no public worship is performed and after this isolation period .the three deities come out of the temple and board with colorful chariots.

Rangoli On The Path of Sacred Chariot

Rangoli On The Path of Sacred Chariot

Devotees Pulling The Rope Of Chariot

Devotees Pulling The Rope Of Chariot

Devotees Performing Songs In Jagannath Rath Yatra Ceremony

Devotees Performing Songs In Jagannath Rath Yatra Ceremony

Chhera pahara is the most famous ritual associated with the Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra 2014. During the festival, the King sweeps all around the chariots and deities. He then cleanses the road with a broom (gold-handled) and sprinkles sandalwood powder and water. This ritual is held for two days, very firstly on the Rath Yatra Puri when the three deities go to their aunt’s house, where the deities enjoy nine day stay and enjoyed the sweets of rice.

A single glance of Lord Jagannatha on the chariot is pondered to be very auspicious and poets, saints, and scriptures have repeatedly dignified the purity of this special festival. The significance of the sacred festival is such that even a single touch of the chariots of deities or even the ropes of chariot with which these are pulled is considered enough to endow the results of several holy deeds or austerity for ages. The Car Festival is one of the world’s most incredible spectacles.





Striking Splendour in Kerala- Thekkady

Thekkady, located in God’s Own Country, Kerala in India is famous for its dense and diverse flora and fauna. It is a small village situated in Idukki. The main centre of attraction for the place is Periyar Wildlife Reserve, which is one of the 27 Tiger Reserves in India. Just because of its size, the reserve attracts thousands of tourists every year. Thekkady is the perfect example of nature’s gift with enthralling picturesque magic, wealthy bio assortment having intense jungle and prosperous plantation. Thekkady is spread over an area of 777 sq km. Amusing ecstasy Thekkady is truly a paradise for nature lovers.

Tigress and Cubs In Rest

Tigress and Cubs In Rest

Cormorants In Periyar Image By Flickr

Cormorants In Periyar Image By Flickr


Spotted Dear In Periyar Image By Flickr

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located around an artificial Lake Periyar which is about 24 sq km in area. Tourists love to do boating over this lake, and it is a prominent feature of attraction. Apart from the boating other attracting points are trekking, elephant ride and great sightseeing. The main animals which can be spotted here are tiger, elephant, sambar, jungle cat, gaur, wild boar and sloth bear.


Tourist Enjoying Traditional Bamboo Boat Ride In Periyar Lake



Restaurant In Periyar Tiger Reserve Image By Flickr

You can see them from the boat ride. Avifauna of the place is also versatile. You can locate about 265 species of birds here. This sightseeing of animals and birds during your boat ride makes it really beguiling and pleasing. You will find different treats as you will go ahead in the dense forest of  Periyar.


Ruined Of Mangala Devi Temple

There is a ruined temple, known as Mangla Devi Temple, which can be visited. The architecture of the temple is must experience. The plantation of the place is another great example of nature’s bounty. This little trip is normally arranged by the District Tourism Information Office at Thekkady. You can experience the coffee, tea, pepper, clove and cardamom plantations, which are surrounded by the hills, and it is really an eye soothing view. Vanilla budding areas also convert Thekkady into a colourful place, and its fragrance makes the place a real heaven. Velvety lush green plantations, undulating hills, distinctive flora and fauna and the shrine of Lord Ayyapa are the key attraction.


Panoramic Reflection In Periyar Lake Image By Flickr

Thekkady truly is the essence of south Indian holiday destinations. It is a very famous place among honeymooners. The panoramic view through the high hills makes it an ultimate destination for romantic beginning of your life.

Tribal Dance Of Thekkady  Image By Flickr

Tribal Dance Of Thekkady Image By Flickr

There is a Tribal Heritage Museum which is situated inside the Mannan settlement which describes all the techniques of ancient agricultural practices, dress code, rituals, marriage and death ceremonies, different procedures like fishing, cooking, medicinal herbs, bamboo furniture, hunting and vessels etc. Due to the boosted tourism, because of plantations and wildlife, tourism of Thekkady has improved a lot.


South Indian Cuisines in Thekkady

Hotels offer all kinds of modern amenities and facilities according to the taste of tourists. These hotels are well equipped to serve the types of rooms and suites, like from normal room to presidential suite. You can book any room according to your budget and requirement. All the information you need to book the hotel is clearly available on the hotel’s website. If you are travelling for some business purposes, then also the hotels, here are apt for you as they have the facilities like business centre, conference hall, etc. The local food of Thekkady is mind blowing and matches perfectly with south Indian cuisines. Thekkady is the wonderful and one of the must visited places of  Kerala.So, you need not to worry at all if you are planning a tour to Thekkady. You will find everything in this tour of yours.

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The Golden Chariot- Travel Luxuriously and joyously through Southern States

Let it be Jammu & Kashmir – the head, crown of India or be it the ending land of India- Tamil Nadu. India is not only full of beautiful land but is also rich in the traveling memories of the routes, the ways you travel by. Indian Beauty could be explored in many ways; you can choose to travel the destinations by any mean you think to be convenient.

Though every destination does have a special travel surprise for you still your guides would surely ask you to roam around to explore more. We have treasured for you the beautiful houses to travel and live in, on the tours. Just like the Houseboats of Kashmir and Kerala are famous for traveling between the beautiful lakes and beaches, house Trains are famed in south India for the pretty journey between the Southern states.There are many royal and luxuries trains of  India which can make your trip royal and unforgettable.


Welcoming Staff of The Golden Chariot

People call it to be Palace on the wheels. The Luxurious Trains of South India has been awarded as the Asia’s leading luxury Train by the World Travel Awards in 2013. Train, famously known as Golden Chariot, named after the world-famous stone chariot of the temple Vittala. The train is generally colored with purple and gold giving it a separate identity and a royal appeal.

The Golden Chariot is said to be the Pride and splendor of the south. This moving palace connects some beautiful spots of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Pondicherry. Beautifully colored train has a logo of a mythological animal sported on it. This train is specially designed with accommodation, spa and gym, dining and conference area, giving a rich and royal feel of 21st century while romancing on the tracks of these states.

The chariot is generally operated between the months of October – March by the combine efforts of the Indian Railways and Karnataka state Tourism Development Authority. Every trip of Golden Chariot is of 7-8 days, covering all the tourist destinations of the states. This Adventurous trip of 21st century wraps your memory with the beauty of historical sites, wildlife parks, stunning beaches and some abiding palaces.


High Tech Gym Of The Golden Chariot


Modern Spa with Traditional Treatment Inside The Golden Chariot


Twin Bedroom In The Golden Chariot

Before taking a look at the facilities and the itinerary of the tour, one simply gets impressed with the royally crafted masterpiece. The architecture of the train strikingly represents the arts connotation of the Karnataka. From designs to the construction, everything is stirred by the metropolis and Hoysala architecture. This beauty is accommodated with 44 cabins in 11 coaches, two restaurant, a lounge bar and conference, gym and spa facilities. Every coach is named after the dynasties that ruled the region – Kadamba, Hoysala, Rashtrakuta, Ganga, Chalukya, Bahamani, Adil Shahi, Sangama, Satavahana, Yadukula and Vijayanagar.


Luxuries Dining Of The Royal Train-The Golden Chariot

On board, services are offered by Mapple group of Hotels, a well-known group which is one among the foremost Hotels chains of India. Apart from the overwhelming services of the Mapple group, the train offers you the Wi-Fi connectivity; Air conditioned rooms, LCDs and satellite antennae in every cabin. Wardrobe, private bathrooms and writing desks are all fitted to enhance your facilities.

Lounge Of The Golden Chariot

Lounge Of The Golden Chariot


Madira Bar Area

Nala and Ruchi are two restaurants offering all the varieties of veg and non-veg food. Madira – the bar area is designed with the classy and the comfortable area to enjoy the divine nectar. One would surely feel the king size in the journey of South India with the Golden Chariot.

For more details of the tour plan of The Golden Chariot visit here:

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Golconda Fort- Monument with a Marvellous Architecture

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh is always known for the most compelling and alluring monuments all over the world. Some of the famous monuments are Golconda Fort, Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Ramoji Film Studio, Hussain Sagar Lake and Falaknuma Palace, etc. Tourists who want to visit some natural place to relax and refresh themselves can also visit Hyderabad Botanical Gardens and Nehru Zoological Park. Hyderabad once was the ceremonial and regal city at the time of British Era. It is referred as the ‘City of Pearls’ due to its rich culture, history, tradition, glamour and iconic landmarks with unique and superb architecture. The region is not only famous for the historical monuments and buildings but also known for producing the priceless stones and diamonds such as Koh-i-noor, The Hope Diamond and Darya-i-noor diamond.Hyderabad has been become the one of the most famous and visited places of Andhra Pradesh.

Golconda Fort2

Golconda Fort

Out of all the imperative landmarks, Hyderabad is known for its Golconda Fort worldwide. The fort truly boasts of its grand architecture and majestic appeal. The fort was built in 13th century by the Kakatiya Kings and after that it has been modified by many rulers. It is located just 11 km from Hyderabad at the western end of the city. It is the most popular and magnificent structures of the region; therefore you can see tourists all over the year here. You would not believe that originally the fort was built with mud, and later it is improved to a magnificent edifice with stones and granite. The present architecture was modified by Qutb Shahi dynasty.


Day Time Beauty Of Qutb Tomb

Qutab tomb

Qutb Tomb


A View Of Golconda Fort

Minars Of Tomb

Minars Of Tomb

The monument has eight gates, 87 bastions, four drawbridges and a circumference of about 7 km. Therefore, ytiful palace, royal apartments and halls, mosque, stables and armory in the fort as well. The fort is open daily except Monday from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm. Brilliant acoustic is one of the most noteworthy features of this fort. It is said that if you clap at the gate of the structure, the sound can be clearly heard at the highest point of the fort, which is Bala Hissar, approximately 1 km away. The other famous buildings you can visit in the fort are Habshi Kamans, Nagina Bagh, Ambar Khana, Taramati Mosque, Mortuary Bath, Ashlah Khana, etc.You can deny that how gigantic the building is. You can see the beautiful palace, royal apartments and halls, mosque, stables and armory in the fort as well. The fort is open daily except Monday from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm. Brilliant acoustic is one of the most noteworthy features of this fort. It is said that if you clap at the gate of the structure, the sound can be clearly heard at the highest point of the fort, which is Bala Hissar, approximately 1 km away. The other famous buildings you can visit in the fort are Habshi Kamans, Nagina Bagh, Ambar Khana, Taramati Mosque, Mortuary Bath, Ashlah Khana, etc.

The fort has a spectacular military architecture and thus makes it one of the best defensive and protective buildings of its time. The complex actually has four forts with around 10 km of an outer wall through it. The main gate for entry is known as Fateh Darwaza, which means The Victory Gate. It was named over the triumphant army of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Two elaborate pavilions located outside the fort named as, The Premathi Nritya Mandir and Taramathi Gana are also very popular among tourists.

Light Show in Golconda Fort

Light Show in Golconda Fort

A Night View Of Golconda Fort With Colorful Lights

A Night View Of Golconda Fort With Colorful Lights

The fort is also known for a vivacious and must see the light and sound show which exhibits the regal grandeur of the past dynasties. This show brings life in the fort as it is so enchanted that many tourists visit the fort just to watch the show. This show is performed in various languages on different days, due to which; everyone can participate in this astonishing experience.

Apart from all this, the beautiful lush green gardens offer a mesmerizing seating arrangement to its visitors. Visiting the fort will take you the historic time, and you will be able to experience the majestic and regal environment.

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