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Shopping around the Monument of Love – Taj Mahal



Monument With White Beauty-Taj Mahal

As we know India is undoubtedly the true land of tourism, Taj Mahal is also known as the exact witness of Indian tourism. Your tour to India is incomplete without seeing the glorious beauty of  Taj Mahal, which is why a number of tourists visit Agra every year. As a result, the city of Taj, Agra has developed into a very good shopping city in last few years. Shopping places near Taj offers you a very superior variety of souvenirs to purchase. These markets are always full of crowd and propose you the different artifacts and other valuable items. The people who love leather, and sweets will be very happy being here.


Beautiful Replica Of  Taj Mahal

Coming back with a replica of Taj Mahal is a very common trend which people are still following . You can bring this mini Taj Mahal to your home, or you can also gift it to others. It is prepared by local talented artists and is very famous between tourists. Other thing which is famed is incredible leather goods as the city is well known for its leather industry. The items which you can purchase are belts, shoes, leather jackets and bags, etc., which are available in various colors and designs. Different decorative items made up of metals like brass; copper and silver would also be a good item to purchase.


Rug And Carpet Center Near Taj Mahal


Beautiful Marble Items In A Shop


Some Small Gift Items

One of its kinds, the mobile souvenir is always roaming around the Taj Mahal. You can purchase all kinds of items from them like key rings, mini model of Taj Mahal, books about Taj Mahal and Agra, etc. You will find few Governments Handloom and Handicraft shops near the western gate of Taj Mahal.


Beautiful Embroidered Pair of Marble Pot


Colorful Pots In Market Near Taj Mahal

You can buy some unique things like the sarees made of bamboo and banana, handmade rugs, curtains and bed sheets. Outside the south gate of Taj Mahal, you will find Taj Ganj, which is famous for various marble items. Everything which can be carved from marble is available here. All of these items are beautifully designed by professional artists. Agra Petha is very famous, and it is a must try, which is worth it. This is a trend in India that people purchase this delicious sweet for others as a gift item.


Different Flavors Of Petha

Different culture ,food and a wonderful  visit  of  Taj Mahal give you a unforgettable experience.You will also find some food joints near Taj, where you can relish local food. The cuisine of Agra is very scrumptious and preferred by all travellers. The famous markets are Kinari Bazaar, Taj Ganj Area, Pratap Puro and Sadar Bazaar. If you are there in Agra during the Taj Mahotsav, the fun of your trip will be double. Artists and craftsmen from all over the world come there to display their work. You will find the maximum of variety there, and you can purchase these items at a very good price.

It is not like that you will find only traditional and handicraft objects in Agra. The city also has world-class famous shopping malls, which are very famed between tourists, like Omaxe Wedding Mall. There is a marvellous food court and a banquet hall in the mall, which can be used for different parties and functions. The other mall situated near Taj Mahal is TDI Mall, where you will find some world-class brands. The other famous shopping malls in the city are Pacific Taj Mall and Ashok Cosmos Mall. There are different food joints in these malls and other shopping outlets followed by various entertainment zones where you can enjoy and relax.Shopping of  precious marble and astonishing  view of  Taj Mahal .

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Why Golden triangle India a most popular tour circuit?

India is very famous for its beauty and historic places all over the world. If you are planning to visit India or Indian citizens who have decided to make tour in India, then Golden Triangle India tour is best and popular tour circuit to do. This golden tour covers three cities which include Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This tour covers the glory and history of three most beautiful cities of ‘Delhi’, ‘Agra’ and ‘Jaipur’.

India gate, india Khaled AL-Ajmi

India gate, Delhi, (Image by Khaled AL-Ajmi on Flickr)

taj mahal image by Richard IJzermans

Taj Mahal, Agra (Image by Richard IJzermans on Flickr)

City palace, jaipur, image by Biswarup Sarkar

City Palace, Jaipur (Image by Biswarup Sarkar on Flickr)

Golden Triangle India is most famous tour circuit because of many reasons. The reasons behind its popularity are:-

•    All the 3 cities in the Golden Triangle have famous monuments and places of India which represents its history and architecture. One gets to know about the history and ancestors of India.

•    The tour to this triangle is through a well organized route and makes a triangle in the map because when you travel this golden triangle, you first visit the city Delhi, next Agra and then Jaipur. The visiting of the cities in this order makes a triangle in the map that creates an excitement.

•    It introduces to all the tourists different types of landscapes of the country. This Golden triangle covers all those places that will provide much information about India and is made for those who cannot travel all the major cities of India.

•    While visiting the tour, one can experience the cultural gems of India. One can see ancient buildings and places and know about India in detail.


Qutub Minar, Delhi

Red fort, delhi image by Aaron Geddes

Red Fort, Delhi (Image by Aaron Geddes on Flickr)

red fort agra, image by Andrew Smith

Red Fort, Agra (Image by Andrew Smith on Flickr)

Hawa mahal jaipur, image by Andrea Longoni

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur (Image by Andrea Longoni on Flickr)

This trip introduces you to the great icons of India. Starting from the capital of India i.e. Delhi, you discover the markets of the city and historical monuments. Then further moving on to Agra, you must visit the beautiful Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Enjoy the experience of visiting the wonder of the world in Agra. Then next step is to visit the city Jaipur. It is famous as the Pink City and also described as the capital of Rajasthan. Here, you will find the most famous Amber fort, temples, etc.

Great facts about Golden Triangle Tour

This tour covers the circuit of 1000 km only by road. If you want to move from one city to another, then you have to travel for maximum four to six hours. Shatabdi express is the train that covers this triangle and runs very fast. ‘Mahamaya’ Express highway that is newly built between the cities Delhi and Agra let you to reach Agra in duration of one and half hour by road.

Angoori Petha, agra

Angoori Petha, Agra

This trip is so popular because of its beauty covering three states of India. Through this tour you can discover the culture and heritage of India. All the cities of Golden Triangle have different food and culture from each other. During this tour, you can taste the traditional foods and dishes like ‘Dal Baati’, of Rajasthan, ‘Petha’ of Agra and ‘Street food’ of Delhi which are very known and popular all over the world.