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A Perfect Plan and Preparation Can Make Your Himalayan Trekking Trip Wonderful


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Snow covered high mountains. Under the bright shining of sun, Snow glitters likes diamond. Clear and crisp cool air, wonderful meadows; smoky mountains always fascinate the nature lovers. Beauty of mountains is unbelievable. The ultimate beauty, high risk and adventure invites to nature lovers for trekking. Trekking is the best and favorite adventure trip among the nature lovers.


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In India trekking is popular among the nature lovers. There is large number of trekking locations in India. Ladakh and the Himalayan range are the great attraction for trekkers. There are lots of delights for adventures and memorable trekking tour in Himalayan range. Lakadh trekking is also very popular among the adventures tourism. Beauty and trekking points of Ladakh are extremely amazing and challenging.


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Trekking bounds to nature and gives a lifetime wonderful experience but it requires a great plan and proper preparation. Here are some tips or point which is most considerable for any trekking tour:


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Fitness assurance

Health fitness is most important for a healthy and successful trek. Fitness means to both physical and mental fitness. Start a quality walk, exercise and meditation before two month of your trek tour because only your fitness, patience and good mental level helps you a lot during the trek. If you have some serious health problem then consult your doctor before leaving for the trek.

Do the homework and research for the desired region

Before, you plan to go trek do your pre research on the region you would like to visit and for that you can take help from internet, it will provide you all information about the area, geographic conditions, whether update maps and guidelines for your trip.


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Clothing and back Pack

Pack your bag with warm clothes otherwise cold wind may freeze you. Whether of Himalayan range is uncertain so keep waterproof jacket, windproof clothes, thermo underwear and small quick drying towel. Also carry sun hat, cap, scarf and gloves .Always choose best comfortable trekking shoes for easy climbing and to avoid blisters. Do not stuff unwanted things. Each and every kg is a pain in the hills.

Medicine and First Aid

Keep basic medicines avoid storing bunch of medicines in your first aid box. Take medicines for headache, painkiller, diarrhea, anti allergies, anti-inflammatory tablets, water-tablets are the essential medicines never forget them. Add also thermometer, Band –aid, cotton buds, antibiotic ointments and scissors.


Always try to keep nourishing and healthy food rather then tasty food. Keep dry foods, noodles, biscuits chocolates, tinned food and etc.


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Important Accessories
Take sunglasses with UV protection that protects from both cold wind and harmful radiations. Pack toiletries, Sun cream, water bottle and headlamp with extra batteries. Also keep sleeping bag, waterproof tent for stay. A lightweight kerosene stove, pans, pots and cutlery for cooking.

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Apart for all these points your mental status and preparation is most important to complete a safe, secure and successful trek tour. There is big need to adjust to the responses of the different, odd geographical conditions and also the response of people of different culture.Scrumptious and scenic places of Lakadh ,Himalaya and other trekking points gives you a very peaceful experience. It’s the time to opt your favorite place for trek So just make a plan and enjoy the incredible beauty of nature.

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A Memorable Trip To Leh-Ladakh


Ladakh is a valley with high mountains on both the sides. If the vacation is spent in this place we will surely get a small spiritual touch. The Karakoram Mountains is there in the north and the Himalayas towards the south. The capital of Ladakh is Leh. The people who come to see ladakh will start the journey from Leh. There are a lot of Buddhist monasteries, peculiar lanes; beautiful view of the mountains, a beautiful handicrafts market makes Leh extraordinary. There are lots of adventurous sports which the travelers can take up. Some of them are biking tour; adventure biking, mountain biking, trekking, river rafting and mountain climbing. There is safari on the Yak, Camel and jeep.

Leh is considered as one of the best trekking place. There are many tracks for trekking. Some of the tracks are for learners, some are moderate and some are for the people who are well versed in trekking. The people who go for visit to Leh can see to the local culture of the people. The views of the Himalayas are eye catching and give a spiritual experience. There are different tour packages available for the tourists who visit this place. Besides the beautiful view of Himalayas there are many monasteries of Buddha which is very ancient. The Spiritual mentality will surely start here even for the people who will not think about spirituality.

This a historical place where there are many monuments to be visited. The people who are interested in history also will find this place very interesting. There are many packages which are offered in cheaper rates to attract the people. The sports of trekking are very much practiced here and the people who are interested in this will visit this place often. The other entertainments like the safari rides, cycling and climbing is aloes there for the people to avail thrill.

The people who undertake trekking are given information about these sports and all the necessary safety measures are followed to avoid any accidents. The tour packages contain comfortable hotels for the stay of the visitors. The hotels are situated where the landscape will be beautiful and the tourists will enjoy the beauty. Leh is situated near Himalayas and is chilling cold. To avoid any discomfort to the visitors the hotels have heaters to give the necessary heat. The room service is very quick and there are many lip smacking recipes available for the tourists. They can relish the local delicacies also.

Leh is completely isolated and offers complete nature beauty to enjoy. There are many luxurious hotels to stay. The quiet environment will give mesmerizing moments for the people to spend with their family. Out of the urban life and out of the noise of the traffic it is a place which will be really enjoyed. The rate of the packages will depend on the number of days to be stayed. The packages are completely affordable and the people who visit this place will surely enjoy the visit.

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Visit The Sacred Monasteries in Leh Ladakh

Himalayas and Leh Ladakh forms a trio which offers you great adventure in terms of sports and especially the height. In Himalayas one can look forward to doing a plethora of adventure sport activities like biking cycling, rock climbing, jeep safari, jungle safari, river rafting, trekking, enjoying wildlife, motorbike safari and lastly mountaineering.

Himalayas are stretched out in through five nations India, China, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan. The Himalayan region primarily experiences just two seasons, summers and winters. However, the average temperature during the summers in the southern foothills of the mountain range is just 30 degrees whereas in winter it is around 18 degrees Celsius. The middle Himalayan region gives you 25 degrees in summers and extremely cold winters. However, the higher region gives you winters below freezing point and summers only 18 degrees.

Ladakh is situated on the north of the main Himalayas and so is totally unaware of the monsoons as the average rainfall in only some centimeters. This region gives you a vast stretch of mountain desert which stretches from peak to peak. It is famous for its monasteries and adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, camping, horse riding and even safaris. The Hemis monastery is the main monastery in ladakh and is famous for its huge Buddha painting which gets to be displayed once in every 11 years along with the famous annual festival.

Further, the Thiske Monastery is famous for its high and intelligent architecture whereas the Shey monastery is known for the large gold coated and copper painting of Buddha. Also, you can visit the Lamayuru monastery, which beats all others with its sheer majestic view whereas Achi monastery displays unique wood carving, frescoes and statues. They are known to be the oldest Gompas of Ladakh and form famous tourist attractions along with the wealth of artifacts. The place also offers you the Hemis wildlife sanctuary and the Nubra valley. Likir monastery moreover leaves you spell bound with the beauty and beats of the various types of festival performances.

Leh palace is one of the most famous tourists’ attractions in Leh a place near Ladakh. The palace featured with eight storey and was built in the 16th century owes a lot of resemblance to the world known Potala of Lhasa. You can find numerous monasteries in Leh also and get engrossed in their peaceful environment and surrounding.

The monasteries are a place of worship for the locals and are known to the best place for religious instruction and isolated meditation for the young. Monasteries are seen to celebrate their annual festivals usually in winters and are featured by gay mask dances. The monasteries are lined up with Chortens and mane walls. The mane walls in Leh are made of votive stones which are in turn subscribed with holy figures and prayers whereas the Chortens are known to be semi religious shrines which contain relics of the holy scripts or people.

Stok palace Museum and the Central Institute of Buddhist studies Choglamsar are few other attractions in Leh. One easily reaches these places with the help of buses which ply on a daily basis between these monasteries and Leh.

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