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Shopping in Bapu Bazaar


Delightful Shopping Extravaganza in Jaipur

Good memories always run with us, it has the potentiality to bring back all those moments that we had experienced before and visualizes each instance like a slideshow. Suppose! If you are in Jaipur; the most beautiful city of the royal state, Rajasthan; what else you would like to explore after visiting the attractions of the city and discovering its appetizing cuisines? If I am not mistaken, you will definitely go to loose your pocket, indulging several hours in its great shopping markets to collect some precious memories. Its off beaten shopping stores and markets offer unbelievable purchasing items, ranging from funky jewellary, furniture, bespoke clothing, saris, etc. which are most popularly retails at Jaipur.

Let’s start a shopping tour in Jaipur with some favorite markets:

  • Bapu Bazaar
Shopping in Bapu Bazaar

Shopping in Bapu Bazaar

This is the most famous shopping destination of the city, once you here, will never be able to control your shopping urges. The market is located in the area between Sanganeri Gate and New Gate. The liveliness of the bazaar is due to its diverse products that include textiles, mojri shoes, camel leather products, salwar suits, bed sheets and handicraft items. Influence of modernization, you will not found in its articles as almost all the shops allow you to discover traditional Rajasthan. Bargaining is very common in its shops; if you are a great bargainer, then you can also bring more items for your relatives as well.

  • Johari Bazaar
Shopping in Johari Bazaar

Shopping in Johari Bazaar

Put on some traditional or funky types of jewellery and give yourself a look of royal lady. Such wish only can fulfill by the famous shopping area of Jaipur, Johari Bazaar. All extensive ranges of jewellery products are available at this place which makes the market totally different from other parts of the world. The market remains open throughout the week where you can buy ornaments like Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, etc. These effervescent products that fill up the stores of the Johari Bazaar is sure to fascinate the shoppers.

  • Tripolia Bazaar
Shopping in Tripolia Bazaar

Shopping in Tripolia Bazaar

If you wish to decorate your home with wonderful handicraft items, then drive to this shopping area. The market is renowned for is precious stones, miniature paintings, handicraft items and jewellery items. There is an important area in the middle of the market, named as Maniharon ka Rasta where you can purchase lac bangles. This is the most popular ornaments for the Rajasthani women.

If you are very keen to collect some brilliant Indian art and paintings during this voyage; Art Chill is the place to go. This is the biggest art gallery of the city; positioned at Amber Fort. Indian artists have left several contemporary arts inside the fort which gives the true reflection of the ancient age. One branch of such art gallery is located in M.I Road, named as Juneja Art Gallery from where you can collect your desired one.

Travel to Jaipur for shopping is a royal treat that not only allows you to get in touch some of its famous historical sites, but also gives you the opportunity to feel like a part of royal families wearing its invaluable traditional clothing.

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Get an Acceptable Travel Decision from Social Media

“Son! Come and have your dinner… I am coming, Mom… just 5 minutes!!!…” but, how that 5 minutes keeps extending, it does not know by the user of the social media sites. Yes, it is true that the impact of Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin, etc. now has greatly addicted the people of all age worldwide. They not only connect people globally, but now it has become the invaluable tool for the travelers before planning for a trip. Social media, the vital factor of our life is now very positively affecting the travel industry.

Travel Decision from Social Media

Many large organizations already have developed some significant twitter and Facebook applications through, which you can easily search for your desired tour destination and can get valuable suggestions. Through these social media sites, you can get recommendation, reviews and travel experiences of travelers, which are available online and can be seen by everybody. On such sites, you can also get some great travel deals, airfares, hotels and restaurants on best price as well.

You don’t need to get botheration to call tour operators for your vacation as there are ranges of applications who formulate your tour itinerary with the help of your confirmation e-mail that you have forwarded to them. Thereafter, they share the plan with your Facebook friends and left it for comments.

After spending a wonderful vacation, you can pin your bundle of pictures on Pinterest, which is a social platform to share your pictures with your followers. If you are a holder of Smartphone, then you can share your pictures on web through quality applications like Instagram. Besides these, you can also write down your travel experience on TripAdvisor, which will allow you to find better travel reviews. By using such social platform, tour junkies can easily get travel information in an accurate way.