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A Perfect Plan and Preparation Can Make Your Himalayan Trekking Trip Wonderful


Clouds On Mountains Image By Flickr

Snow covered high mountains. Under the bright shining of sun, Snow glitters likes diamond. Clear and crisp cool air, wonderful meadows; smoky mountains always fascinate the nature lovers. Beauty of mountains is unbelievable. The ultimate beauty, high risk and adventure invites to nature lovers for trekking. Trekking is the best and favorite adventure trip among the nature lovers.


Scrumptious View Of Himalaya Region Image By Flickr

In India trekking is popular among the nature lovers. There is large number of trekking locations in India. Ladakh and the Himalayan range are the great attraction for trekkers. There are lots of delights for adventures and memorable trekking tour in Himalayan range. Lakadh trekking is also very popular among the adventures tourism. Beauty and trekking points of Ladakh are extremely amazing and challenging.


Trekkers On Rest Image By Flickr

Trekking bounds to nature and gives a lifetime wonderful experience but it requires a great plan and proper preparation. Here are some tips or point which is most considerable for any trekking tour:


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Fitness assurance

Health fitness is most important for a healthy and successful trek. Fitness means to both physical and mental fitness. Start a quality walk, exercise and meditation before two month of your trek tour because only your fitness, patience and good mental level helps you a lot during the trek. If you have some serious health problem then consult your doctor before leaving for the trek.

Do the homework and research for the desired region

Before, you plan to go trek do your pre research on the region you would like to visit and for that you can take help from internet, it will provide you all information about the area, geographic conditions, whether update maps and guidelines for your trip.


Bag Packing For Trek Image By Flickr

Clothing and back Pack

Pack your bag with warm clothes otherwise cold wind may freeze you. Whether of Himalayan range is uncertain so keep waterproof jacket, windproof clothes, thermo underwear and small quick drying towel. Also carry sun hat, cap, scarf and gloves .Always choose best comfortable trekking shoes for easy climbing and to avoid blisters. Do not stuff unwanted things. Each and every kg is a pain in the hills.

Medicine and First Aid

Keep basic medicines avoid storing bunch of medicines in your first aid box. Take medicines for headache, painkiller, diarrhea, anti allergies, anti-inflammatory tablets, water-tablets are the essential medicines never forget them. Add also thermometer, Band –aid, cotton buds, antibiotic ointments and scissors.


Always try to keep nourishing and healthy food rather then tasty food. Keep dry foods, noodles, biscuits chocolates, tinned food and etc.


Tent For Trek Image By Flickr

Important Accessories
Take sunglasses with UV protection that protects from both cold wind and harmful radiations. Pack toiletries, Sun cream, water bottle and headlamp with extra batteries. Also keep sleeping bag, waterproof tent for stay. A lightweight kerosene stove, pans, pots and cutlery for cooking.

Trekking-india (1)

Trekker On The Way Image By Flickr

Apart for all these points your mental status and preparation is most important to complete a safe, secure and successful trek tour. There is big need to adjust to the responses of the different, odd geographical conditions and also the response of people of different culture.Scrumptious and scenic places of Lakadh ,Himalaya and other trekking points gives you a very peaceful experience. It’s the time to opt your favorite place for trek So just make a plan and enjoy the incredible beauty of nature.

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Striking Splendour in Kerala- Thekkady

Thekkady, located in God’s Own Country, Kerala in India is famous for its dense and diverse flora and fauna. It is a small village situated in Idukki. The main centre of attraction for the place is Periyar Wildlife Reserve, which is one of the 27 Tiger Reserves in India. Just because of its size, the reserve attracts thousands of tourists every year. Thekkady is the perfect example of nature’s gift with enthralling picturesque magic, wealthy bio assortment having intense jungle and prosperous plantation. Thekkady is spread over an area of 777 sq km. Amusing ecstasy Thekkady is truly a paradise for nature lovers.

Tigress and Cubs In Rest

Tigress and Cubs In Rest

Cormorants In Periyar Image By Flickr

Cormorants In Periyar Image By Flickr


Spotted Dear In Periyar Image By Flickr

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located around an artificial Lake Periyar which is about 24 sq km in area. Tourists love to do boating over this lake, and it is a prominent feature of attraction. Apart from the boating other attracting points are trekking, elephant ride and great sightseeing. The main animals which can be spotted here are tiger, elephant, sambar, jungle cat, gaur, wild boar and sloth bear.


Tourist Enjoying Traditional Bamboo Boat Ride In Periyar Lake



Restaurant In Periyar Tiger Reserve Image By Flickr

You can see them from the boat ride. Avifauna of the place is also versatile. You can locate about 265 species of birds here. This sightseeing of animals and birds during your boat ride makes it really beguiling and pleasing. You will find different treats as you will go ahead in the dense forest of  Periyar.


Ruined Of Mangala Devi Temple

There is a ruined temple, known as Mangla Devi Temple, which can be visited. The architecture of the temple is must experience. The plantation of the place is another great example of nature’s bounty. This little trip is normally arranged by the District Tourism Information Office at Thekkady. You can experience the coffee, tea, pepper, clove and cardamom plantations, which are surrounded by the hills, and it is really an eye soothing view. Vanilla budding areas also convert Thekkady into a colourful place, and its fragrance makes the place a real heaven. Velvety lush green plantations, undulating hills, distinctive flora and fauna and the shrine of Lord Ayyapa are the key attraction.


Panoramic Reflection In Periyar Lake Image By Flickr

Thekkady truly is the essence of south Indian holiday destinations. It is a very famous place among honeymooners. The panoramic view through the high hills makes it an ultimate destination for romantic beginning of your life.

Tribal Dance Of Thekkady  Image By Flickr

Tribal Dance Of Thekkady Image By Flickr

There is a Tribal Heritage Museum which is situated inside the Mannan settlement which describes all the techniques of ancient agricultural practices, dress code, rituals, marriage and death ceremonies, different procedures like fishing, cooking, medicinal herbs, bamboo furniture, hunting and vessels etc. Due to the boosted tourism, because of plantations and wildlife, tourism of Thekkady has improved a lot.


South Indian Cuisines in Thekkady

Hotels offer all kinds of modern amenities and facilities according to the taste of tourists. These hotels are well equipped to serve the types of rooms and suites, like from normal room to presidential suite. You can book any room according to your budget and requirement. All the information you need to book the hotel is clearly available on the hotel’s website. If you are travelling for some business purposes, then also the hotels, here are apt for you as they have the facilities like business centre, conference hall, etc. The local food of Thekkady is mind blowing and matches perfectly with south Indian cuisines. Thekkady is the wonderful and one of the must visited places of  Kerala.So, you need not to worry at all if you are planning a tour to Thekkady. You will find everything in this tour of yours.

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The Golden Chariot- Travel Luxuriously and joyously through Southern States

Let it be Jammu & Kashmir – the head, crown of India or be it the ending land of India- Tamil Nadu. India is not only full of beautiful land but is also rich in the traveling memories of the routes, the ways you travel by. Indian Beauty could be explored in many ways; you can choose to travel the destinations by any mean you think to be convenient.

Though every destination does have a special travel surprise for you still your guides would surely ask you to roam around to explore more. We have treasured for you the beautiful houses to travel and live in, on the tours. Just like the Houseboats of Kashmir and Kerala are famous for traveling between the beautiful lakes and beaches, house Trains are famed in south India for the pretty journey between the Southern states.There are many royal and luxuries trains of  India which can make your trip royal and unforgettable.


Welcoming Staff of The Golden Chariot

People call it to be Palace on the wheels. The Luxurious Trains of South India has been awarded as the Asia’s leading luxury Train by the World Travel Awards in 2013. Train, famously known as Golden Chariot, named after the world-famous stone chariot of the temple Vittala. The train is generally colored with purple and gold giving it a separate identity and a royal appeal.

The Golden Chariot is said to be the Pride and splendor of the south. This moving palace connects some beautiful spots of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Pondicherry. Beautifully colored train has a logo of a mythological animal sported on it. This train is specially designed with accommodation, spa and gym, dining and conference area, giving a rich and royal feel of 21st century while romancing on the tracks of these states.

The chariot is generally operated between the months of October – March by the combine efforts of the Indian Railways and Karnataka state Tourism Development Authority. Every trip of Golden Chariot is of 7-8 days, covering all the tourist destinations of the states. This Adventurous trip of 21st century wraps your memory with the beauty of historical sites, wildlife parks, stunning beaches and some abiding palaces.


High Tech Gym Of The Golden Chariot


Modern Spa with Traditional Treatment Inside The Golden Chariot


Twin Bedroom In The Golden Chariot

Before taking a look at the facilities and the itinerary of the tour, one simply gets impressed with the royally crafted masterpiece. The architecture of the train strikingly represents the arts connotation of the Karnataka. From designs to the construction, everything is stirred by the metropolis and Hoysala architecture. This beauty is accommodated with 44 cabins in 11 coaches, two restaurant, a lounge bar and conference, gym and spa facilities. Every coach is named after the dynasties that ruled the region – Kadamba, Hoysala, Rashtrakuta, Ganga, Chalukya, Bahamani, Adil Shahi, Sangama, Satavahana, Yadukula and Vijayanagar.


Luxuries Dining Of The Royal Train-The Golden Chariot

On board, services are offered by Mapple group of Hotels, a well-known group which is one among the foremost Hotels chains of India. Apart from the overwhelming services of the Mapple group, the train offers you the Wi-Fi connectivity; Air conditioned rooms, LCDs and satellite antennae in every cabin. Wardrobe, private bathrooms and writing desks are all fitted to enhance your facilities.

Lounge Of The Golden Chariot

Lounge Of The Golden Chariot


Madira Bar Area

Nala and Ruchi are two restaurants offering all the varieties of veg and non-veg food. Madira – the bar area is designed with the classy and the comfortable area to enjoy the divine nectar. One would surely feel the king size in the journey of South India with the Golden Chariot.

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Religious Boon to India- Varanasi

India is a country of different religion and culture. It can be clearly seen in the number of pilgrimage sites by which India is truly blessed. A lot of tourists plan their holidays just to experience the cultural diversity of the country. Various sacred pilgrimage destinations having utmost importance of culture, tradition and religion is the main centre of attraction in Indian tourism. The tradition and culture of the medieval age are still being practiced in the country with same value and respect. The spiritual power and religious harmony make the tourists realize that there is nothing, which can be compared to it. Every corner of the country has something to offer to its travelers in the terms of religion, culture and tradition and what is best about these holy shrines is that these are not limited to a particular religion or community. It shows that there is unity in diversity.


A Panoramic Night View Of Bank Of Holy River Ganga

One of the oldest sanctified religious places in India is Varanasi. It is believed that once Varanasi was the home of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is the vital pilgrimage destination of Hindus. Famous worldwide for its culture and heritage, Varanasi is situated on the bank of holy river Ganges, in Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as Banaras, Kashi, Ramya, Avimuktaka, Surandhana, etc. It is believed that who takes a dip in the holy river is free from all of his sins. Visiting this place can distil your mind and soul. This pious land attracts pilgrimages from all over the world. Varanasi, known as The City of Temples, Holy City of India, Religious Capital of India, City of Lights, Oldest City on Earth and City of Learning, is also known for its educational aspect as there are four universities here.


Ganga  Pooja Offering By Priests


Ganga Aarti At Varanasi


Diyas In Ganga

There is a number of Hindu temples, Jain temples, ashrams, etc. to visit. A visit to this saintly land will give you peace and some beautiful memories to cherish for life. The city is full of about 100 ghats, which are used basically for bathing and cremation. The most pleasant scene of the place is its evening Aarti, where people leave lots of diyas in water of river Ganges. It is a very lovely and enjoyable sight as the light of these diyas in the dark nights forms a beautiful view.

Vishwanath Temple

Kashi  Vishwanath Temple


Durga Temple In Evening

The temples of Varanasi are a prominent feature of the city. Tourists are always lured by the architectural beauty of these temples. Devotees offer their prayers and chant the mantras here. As mentioned earlier, the evening aarti make the whole ambience to remember all your life. The sound of bells and the hymns of priests are not to be missed. Some of the famous temples are Sankat MochanTemple, Vishwanath Temple, Tulsi Manas Temple and DurgaTemple, etc. Not to forget the ghats of the city are the stairs along with the river where different rituals are performed. Famous ghats in Varanasi are Dasaswamedha Ghat, Assi Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Hanuman Ghat, Dandi Ghat and Bachraj Ghat.

Sanctifying Ourselves

Diwali Festival at Ganga

In addition, due to the celebration of different vibrant festivals and colourful fairs, Varanasi is the centre of attraction in Indian Tourism. The various festivals celebrated here is Ganga Festival, Kartik Purnima, Buddha Purnima, Mahashivratri, Hanuman Jayanti, Dhrupad Mela, Panch Koshi Parikarma, etc. If you are planning a religious tour to India, Varanasi is a must visit, which will take you to the spiritual side of the country.

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