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Taste the Luscious Cuisines in Goa

Goa, famous all over the world for its pristine beaches, churches & convents, variety of accommodation options and the most important for its cuisine. It is the most palatable across the India. From the times of Portuguese invasion and even after that the famous bread of Portuguese are the favorite one of tourists.

goa Feijoada

Feijoada salad and vegetables, source: aptronym on

Goa cuisine is an amalgam of diverse cultures. It means the state has cuisine for every religion like for the Hindu, there is a vegetable food, for South-Indians, there is Seafood and for the foreigners including Chinese, there are many flavors of cuisine likely to eat by themselves. It is simply hot, spicy and flavorsome. Due to its Portuguese past, it has cuisine of the international level, as a large number of foreigners visit this place.

Mainly the famous cuisine of this region is the regional food like Seafood, Coconut Milk, Rice and other ones. Recipes and techniques of making them can change but, the ingredients used by them in the ancient era are the same even today.

goa prawns

Goa Prawns, source: joegoaukfishcurryrice on

Now, we come to the point, means the major attractions among the cuisines. It includes sea fruits, seafood, fish, prawns, mussels, oysters, crabs, gin and many more. Many restaurants offer pickled pigโ€™s liver cooked in vinegar with tamarind or in short the name of the dish is Chourisso and the spicy pork or Vindalho. Coconut sauce is used in the homes and also in the restaurants.

Goa Seafood Hoddki

Goa Seafood Hoddki, Source: joegoaukfishcurryrice3 on

Eating Out likely near the sea in Goa is a memorable experience. It offers a wide range of vegetarian food as well like Jain Thali, Marwari Thali, North-Indian food and many more. Some of its dishes include sukke, Saaru-upkari, kolombo, pathrado, patholi, paayasu, ubbatti, dali-thoy, ghashi, ambaat, etc. All of these are the famous cuisines of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka.

Another one is the Catholic dishes which include Ambot tik, Arroz doce, Balchao, Croquettes, Feijoada, Roast beef, Xacuti, Samarein, Patoli, Bebik, etc. Among the Sweet dishes Cashew nut laddus, Nevryo, Revdyo, Puran Poli, are the popular ones. Several types of Halwas are also served by the restaurants after the dinner that include Cashew Nut Halwa, Mango Halwa, Banana Halwa, Pumpkin Halwa and many others.

Plain fry Butterfish Goa Seafood

Plain fry Butterfish Goa Seafood, source: joegoaukfishcurryrice3 on

So a number of cuisines are available from Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mughlai, Mexican, Portuguese to South Indian, Marwarian, Jainian, Gujaratian, Marathian in every restaurant of Goa. One could not miss the traditional food of any nation while staying in Goa for the vacation, whether you belong to that nation or not but you will surely get the taste of that cuisine there. Being a smallest state of India, it has a large number of varieties of cuisines belonging to every nation.